2015 Trillium Creek Students Create Forest Mural
Updated On: Oct 10, 2019
TCPS Mural photo

Last spring Trillium Creek Primary welcomed Maggie Englund as our Artist in Residence. The goal of our project was to come together as a school community where each child would contribute to a work of art that represents our school. To achieve this goal, Mrs. Englund led all students in creating a beautiful eight panel mural made out of tissue paper, glue and painted papers. The K-3 students created the grass, trees, and sky while the 4th graders painted details and added trillium flowers. The 5th graders researched various owls and after creating painted papers, designed realistic owls to ‘live’ in a beautiful forest scene that now adorns our library area. The words on the bottom of the mural are directly out of our vision statement and what we hope for each child who attends Trillium Creek Primary: Explore, Dream, Challenge, Journey.

As it was put up, students, staff and parents gasped at the beauty of the eight panels coming together. The men from our maintenance department even came by to take pictures on their cell phones. All felt pride in the final product and their contribution. (Be sure to watch the YouTube video of how it was created!)

Thank you to Music and Art Partners and our PTA for funding this experience, to our teacher committee for working with Maggie to design it, and to our District Maintenance Department for installing it. Please stop by to see how lovely it is in person!

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