Updated On: Oct 11, 2021


Director's Circle $250+

Enthusiast $100+

Amy Robertson

Sustainer $50+

Vanessa Koenig*

*In-Kind donation


Monetary Community Rewards Matching
  • General - used to fund grants to teachers
  • Specify a particular school or program
  • Lynne Detrick Memorial Instrument Fund
  • Heritage Seats (West-Linn HS to maintain the theater)
  • Legacy Seats (Wilsonville HS to maintain the theater)
  • Scholarships (given at all three high schools)

Look for West Linn Wilsonville Music and Arts Partners - Tax ID 71-0958698 at:

Let us know of other earning opportunities!

  • Workplace matching donations
  • Oregon Cultural Trust

More Information:
2015-16 donors
Contact Info
Music & Arts Partners
PO Box 532
West Linn, OR 97068

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