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Director's Circle $250+

Vanessa Bogaert                         Jessica Schemm

Karen Comfort                             Gina Vadnais

Dominick Corso

Jenny Evers                                                    

Bryan Green                                                    

Cara E Hallock

Bev Herbert

John Hillan-Payne

Miriam Pinoli

Enthusiast $100+

Melody Aanderud                       Cynthia Stenger                   

Anne Avery                                 Mary Stumme

Patricia Guarisco                        Cameron Vervais

Edward Herbert                           Rhonda Webber

Vanessa Koenig                          Kathryn Whittaker

Judith Magee                              Kathryn Whittaker

Louise Moultrie                           Jeffry Wiren

Michael Quisling

Kelly Renaud

Amy Robertson                                                               

Malini Rossington

Marina Schock



Sustainer $50+

Joanna Tucker Davis

Dana Edvalson

Heather Goodrich

Aralee Kelly

Alaina Yohe

Jennifer Ziolko

*In-Kind donation


Monetary Community Rewards Matching
  • General - used to fund grants to teachers
  • Specify a particular school or program
  • Lynne Detrick Memorial Instrument Fund
  • Heritage Seats (West-Linn HS to maintain the theater)
  • Legacy Seats (Wilsonville HS to maintain the theater)
  • Scholarships (given at all three high schools)

Look for West Linn Wilsonville Music and Arts Partners - Tax ID 71-0958698 at:

Let us know of other earning opportunities!

  • Workplace matching donations
  • Oregon Cultural Trust

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